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Background & Objectives

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For the Development of Cultural Arts

Raising awareness about Korea

Although having reached 12th in the world in terms of economic power, Korea has currently been unable to shine as a cultural nation. Rather, only areas such as Central Asia and Middle East, where investments for international cultural exchange have been nonexistence, has a high awareness of Korea been formed.

Limitations to unilateral exchange

Although the interest in Korea has increased due to the expansion of "Hallyu" (Korean Wave), Korea has nonetheless displayed refusal for the rapid inflow of various other cultures and attempted a unilateral form of cultural exchange through Korea. Such will undoubtedly bring forth misunderstandings about the Korean culture.

Necessity of Civil Consciousness which understands cultural varieties and differences
In addition, as we develop into a multicultural country with the inflow of migrant workers and overseas women coming for marriage, there is a need to raise our civil consciousness which understands the various cultures of the world is through which the various cultures can live together in peace.

Promote cultural exchange through actively supporting cultural activities
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has been conducting the 'CPI Project' through better support and bilateral cultural exchange. This is a cultural residency project which invites specialists within the fields of culture, arts, industry, tourism, and physical education for a certain period of time to experience their sectors within Korea.