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Inter-city Intangible Cultural Cooperation Network(ICCN) Secretariat ICCN Exchange Program Home page

To empower ICCN members' capacity of safeguarding intangible cultural heritage by organizing international conference and festival and networking internationally.

  • Duration : 2015.06.15.~09.15.(4months)
  • Participants : 2
  • Contents : to assist the preparation of 2015 ICCN General Assembly/Women’s Forum and Festival which will be held in Esfahan, Iran. It includes corresponding with ICCN members and experts, preparing materials for the meeting, and supporting cooperation with UNESCO and other international organizations.
    to understand and study the local policy on intangible culture in Korea

    Field Work
    - to visit related institutions in Korea
    - to participate in the related international conferences held in Korea
    - to experience Korean intangible cultural heritages
  • Qualifications : Participants should
    - Preferred working experiences in international conferences and cooperation,
    - Understanding of ICCN and its Activities,
    - Strong English ability in writing and speaking,
    - Preferred skills of Social Media (Facebook, Youtube and any other types of web-based media),
    - Able to demonstrate his/her own intangible cultures in any ways
  • Host Organizations :
  • Contact : (+82 33 640 5476)
  • Email :
Andong Festival Tourism Foundation ■ Traditional Intangible Culture Heritage Education and Training Program Home page

■ Establish a cooperative relationship with Traditional Intangible Culture Heritage and Tourism related organizations
■ Make networking to Induce of foreign tourists
■ Act as key person in 2015 Andong Mask dance Festival

  • Duration : ■ 2015.07.01 ~ 2015.10.31(4months)
  • Participants : 3
  • Contents : ■ Traditional Culture including mask dance exchange among nation
    ■ Create mask dance and Performance mask dance in Festival
    ■ Study program about Korean(200hours)
    ■ Research about mask and Korea culture
    ■ Field Work
    - Training Hahoe Mask Dance Drama(designated cultural heritage) and
    korean traditional instrument
    - Masking creative mask
    - Visiting korea's historical place
  • Qualifications : ■ Participants should
    - Trainer for mask dance
    - Work on as the Culture and Tourism Part
    - Can Speak English or Korean well
    - male or female, age 25 to 40
  • Host Organizations :
  • Contact : Koo ji young(82-54-856 -3013)
  • Email :
Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation(CHF) ■ Experience and Joint Research for Program officers of Cultural Heritage(Tangible & Intangible) Home page

■ To train researchers or program officers of Cultural Heritage field by providing and exchanging example of experiences on safeguard and transmission of cultural heritage

  • Duration : ■ 2015.06.15.~2015.11.15.(5months)
  • Participants : 6
  • Contents : ■ Conducting individual research on cultural heritage
    ■ Visiting cultural heritage related institutions and sites
    ■ Theory Lecture
    - Cultural heritage system of Korea
    ■ Field Work
    - Visiting cultural heritage related institutions and sites
    - Experience CHF's traditional performing arts, traditional craftwork exhibition and excavation works
  • Qualifications : ■ Required qualifications
    - specialist in the field of cultural heritage
    - competent language capacity is required for training(Korean or English)
  • Host Organizations :
  • Contact : Jin Songyi (82-2-3011-2621)
  • Email :
Korea Culture and Tourism Institute (KCTI) Culture and Tourism Policy Research Fellowship Home page

Empowerment of researcher’s capacity through the comparative studies of Korea Culture and Tourism Policy

  • Duration : 2015.07.01. ~ 2015.11.31.(5months)
  • Participants : 2
  • Contents : 1. Duration: 5 months (July 1st ~ November 31st, 2015)

    2. Location: Korea Culture and Tourism Institute (KCTI)

    3. Field: Culture, Tourism

    4. Curriculum and Obligations
    (1) Research projects
    (2) Presents a paper on cultural or tourism policy of his/her country at the KCTI seminar.
    (3) Submit final research report during the residency.
    (4) Activities assigned by KCTI and CPI Secretariat with the aim of cultural exchanges
    (5) Summit a report after participating in this program
    (6) Learning Korean language : 2015. 07.01 ~ 2015. 11. 31( 200 hours / 2days a week)
    (7) Experiencing Korean Culture
  • Qualifications : (1) Personnel who are deeply involved in developing cultural and tourism policy.
    Candidate has to be between 25 to 45 years of age and from Asia
    (2) Academics whose research areas include arts, cultural and tourism Policy
    (3) Professionals who are responsible in consulting on arts, cultural and tourism policy
    (4) All of the above should hold a Master degree or should have equivalent career and
    proficiency in English
    (5)Working at National Organization or Nation-Affiliated Institute
  • Host Organizations :
  • Contact : Monika(82-2-2669-9820)
  • Email : /
The National Library of Korea Training Program for Overseas Librarians Home page

To cultivate the Korean language ability for service related to Korea
To provide an opportunity to acquire advanced technologies with expertise
To understand mutual culture and to build a network

  • Duration : 2014.06. ~ 2014.10. (5 months)
  • Participants : 4 Persons
  • Contents : Program for 'Window on Korea‘ and Digital Library

    Theory Work
    Professional librarian training (June) and Korean language Course (June-Oct)
    On-site training (July-Aug), Activities and Presentation (Sep-Oct), Field trip, etc.

    Field Work
    Visit related institute and cultural·historical sites (June-Oct)
  • Qualifications : Librarian who work in the National / Public University library which highly connected with National Library of Korea.
  • Host Organizations :
  • Contact : Hyun-Ah, Choi (82-2-590-6325)
  • Email :
National Folk Museum of Korea Overseas Museum Experts Training Program Home page

To build a cultural partnership and academical network for ethnology with multi-culture
To boost mutual understanding by providing a training program
To educate overseas museum experts who could understand and introduce Korean culture

  • Duration : 2015. 6. 01 - 11. 30 (6months)
  • Participants : 4
  • Contents : Professional training (Sector: Education, Planning, Research, Manage)
    Visit the main museum and cultural heritage sites

    Theory Work
    Arranged by sections and training for museum education, planning the exhibition, research a folk customs, archive·collecting·management, etc.

    Field Work
    Visit the main museum and cultural heritage sites
    Region: Kangwon-do, Kyungsang-do, Jeju, etc.(planned to visit 3 times)
  • Qualifications : Participants should
    -be an age between 25-45 years old
    -be in a permanent position with longer than 3 years experience in the National museum
    -be available in English or Korean
    (But, experts who in charge of the related institute is exceptional)
    - be a responsible person aged 25 to 45
  • Host Organizations :
  • Contact : Changhyun OH (82-2-3704-3122)
  • Email :
Korea National University of Arts Art Major Faculty Exploring K-ARTS Home page

To promote the artistic and cultural network and cooperation by inviting art educators, researchers, or professional artists from institutions specialized in arts around the world

  • Duration : 2014.06.01.~2014.10.31. (5months)
  • Participants : 4 Persons
  • Contents : 5 months Research/ Creation project which are related to 6 schools* of Korea national University of Arts
    * Music, Dance, Visual Arts, Drama, Film/TV/ Multimedia, Korean Traditional Arts

    1 K-Arts faculty member will be paired with the AMFeK participant as a mentor

    Field Work
    - Participation in cultural events for the reciprocal cultural understanding; Festival, Seminar, Special Lecture, etc.
  • Qualifications : Participants should
    - be Professionals working actively as professors, lecturers, researchers, artist, or art administrator of an artistic/cultural institution (Ages 25~45)
    - be Fluent in English OR in Korean language
  • Host Organizations :
  • Contact : Seunghee LEE(82-2-746-9075)
  • Email :