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Chungbuk People's Art Federation in KOREA ■ Training program to share and spread each country's traditional performing arts Home page

■ To share and cooperate with each country's differentiated performing arts, to collaboration and discover fusion contents of performance.

  • Duration : 2015.06.~2015.10. (4 months)
  • Participants : 4
  • Contents : ■ Learning about Korean culture in the correct way.
    ■ Demonstrating each country's performance, discovering and diffusing fusion programs.
    ■ Sharing knowledge and workshop for creativity learning about korean culture.
    ■ Understanding each country's specialized performing arts sharing reference.
    ■ Field Work
    - Field tour (performing arts), educating participants and Korean team about international exchange of performing arts.
    ■ Seminar
    - Understanding about each country's history of traditional performing arts.
  • Qualifications : ■ Each country's professional artists (arts major) and field artists.
    ■ Mainly for young artists (recommended by each country's government and public institution)
  • Host Organizations :
  • Contact : Kim Chang gon(+82-10-6431-0745)
  • Email :
Institute of Asian Cultural Development (Asian Arts Theatre) ■ Residency for Young Asian Contemporary Performing Arts Professionals Home page

■ To nourish Asia contemporary performing arts by enhancing the professional development of young artists and producers in their first career and connecting them to a global network.

  • Duration : ■ July ~ November, 2015
  • Participants : 4
  • Contents : ■ Field Work
    - (common) attending and discussing the performances of Asian Arts Theatre's opening festival and season program
    - (individual) research and visit to theatres, museums and art institutions
    ■ Lecture and Workshop
    - lectures, talks and workshops with Asian artists
    - mentoring with Asian & international performing arts producers and curators
  • Qualifications : ■ Participants should
    - Who are NOT younger than 25 years olds or older than 45 years olds
    - Who have more than 3 year experience in performing arts
    - Who mainly focus on creating and producing contemporary performing arts
    - Who can speak and write English fluently
  • Host Organizations :
  • Contact : Hyojin Kuh(+82-62-410-3639)
  • Email :
National Theater of Korea Foundation NTOK Korean taraditional music lessons(instruments and theory) Home page

Building a relationship of the cultural partnership and devising measures to collaborate expansively with traditional performing artists of official development assistance recipients from Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

  • Duration : ■ June 2015 ~ November 2015 (5 months)
  • Participants : 12
  • Contents : ■ Collaborative exchange between Korean traditional performing arts and the participant's based on traditional music.
    ■ Theoretical and practical training program in Korean traditional performing arts
    ■ Collaborative exchange between Korean traditional performing arts and the participant's based on traditional music.
    ■ Theoretical and practical training program in Korean traditional performing arts
    Practical Program
    ■ Experiencing Korean Traditional Performing Arts through learning traditional instruments and culture
  • Qualifications : ■ To be eligible for participating in CPI program at NTOK, participant should meet the following requirements.
    - Age between 25 and 45 from Asia, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe
    - Good level of spoken English or Korean
    - Musicians from National Theater or Company/Art Organization
    or University Professor or holding a equivalent position
  • Host Organizations :
  • Contact : Hyeonji Ro (+82-2-2280-5824)
  • Email :
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea 2015 MMCA International Research Fellowship Home page

Providing a sustained platform for initiating dialogues and for developing a comprehensive network among museum professionals.

  • Duration : 2015.06.~2015.11. (5 months)
  • Participants : 3 Persons
  • Contents : Individual research in link with Korean modern and contemporary art
    Korean language class (for 200 hours)

    Experiencing Korean contemporary art scene
    ● Visiting art studios, museums, galleries and art institutions
    ● Meeting artists and museum professionals in Korea
    ● Attending art related conferences
    ● Cultural field trips (art biennale and other relevant events)
  • Qualifications : Participants should
    - work in related fields of contemporary art such as museum professionals, curators, art historians, critics, conservators, educators, etc.
    - be aged between 25 and 45
    - Countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and South America
    - Good use of English language
    - Individuals who have high interest in cultural exchange
  • Host Organizations :
  • Contact : Young-in Lee(Tel 82 2 2188 6063 / Fax 82 2 2188 6124)
  • Email :
National Gugak Center International Fellowship in Study of Korean Traditional Music Home page

Understanding Korean traditional music through theoretical and practical studies.

  • Duration : 2015.06.~2015.11.(5months)
  • Participants : 4
  • Contents : Theoretical and practical studies on Korean traditional music
    Field trips, cultural experience

    Theory Lectures including: Introduction to Korean Traditional Music, Court Music, Folk Music, Religious Music, Modern Compositions, Jo, Sigimsae & Tori, etc.

    Field Work: Intensive study of musical instruments or vocal genre of the participant's own choice
  • Qualifications : Participants should be
    - Individuals who work in music related fields (music professors, lecturers, ethnomusicologists, musicologists, music instructors, etc.)
    - Fluent in English or Korean language
  • Host Organizations :
  • Contact : Lee Baewon(82-2-580-3054)
  • Email :
Seoul Section of the International Dance Council(CID-UNESCO) Dance Exchange 2015 Home page

Invite dancers/choreographers from 4 nations to strengthen Offical Development Assistance in Culture scene by providing professional training and opportunities for co-production and net-workings.

  • Duration : 2015.07.01.~2015.11.31.( 5months)
  • Participants : 4
  • Contents : Professional training including Korean traditional workshops and Contemporary dance workshops
    Co-production through co-creation workshops and presenting the works at an international level festival
  • Qualifications : Participants should
    - studied contemporary dance or be a professional dancer
    - able to communicate in English
    - be available to stay in Korea from July to November for the residency program
    - to comprehend contemporary dance as well as to apply contemporary dance idiom to his/her choreographic skill in order to create a new dance piece
  • Host Organizations :
  • Contact : JU Sohyun(+82-2-3216-1185)
  • Email :