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QWhat is Cultural Partinership Initiative?

ACultural Partnership Initiative (C.P.I) is a mutual interchange program that cultural fellows of Asian, East Europe and African countries stay in Korea for 6 months to experience Korean culture while introducing their culture, for the promotion of cultural interchange.

QWhat are related areas for the program?

AThe related areas are culture, art, cultural industry, media, tourism and sports. For more details on host organizations, please refer to “program” in this homepage.

QWhat are requirements for applying CPI?

AIn order to participate in C.P.I, you should be working in related areas or professionals who can speak either Korean or English. For detailed information, please refer to the qualification criteria under each program.

QHow to apply and how to select people?

AYou can make an application to the in-charge institutions via e-mail. If your application is successful in the initial screening, send certification and relevant documents to the institution that you 've applied for. Under a strict review, you 'll get a confirmation for participation.

QHow long does it take to enter Korea after the selection of participants?

AThose who are finally chosen are able to enter Korea at least a month earlier when preparation of necessary documents and visa for entry are ready. Nevertheless, it can be flexible, depending on the institution.

QHow to get visa issuance and what are the procedures for the entry?

AIn order to get an issuance of visa for the entry, your inviting institution is required to submit a certificate for confirmation of visa issuance to the Immigration Office, and send it to the foreign participants. Foreign participants can submit the certificate for confirmation of visa issuance to the Korean embassy of their own countries for visa issuance. After the visa issuance, foreign participants notify to the inviting institutions that visa is ready, and enter Korea after consultation of the exact date.

QHow about financial support from inviting institutions?

AFinancial support provided to the participants in Cultural Partnership Initiative covers the following:
(a) Air fare for round trip (economy class)
(b) Monthly Living expenses about US$ 900
(c) Accommodation
(d) Tuition fee for Korean Language course of more than 200 hours
(e) Medical insurance
(f) Cultural Field Trip around Korea

* (b) will be transfer directly to the CPI participant 's bank account every month.
*(c)~(f) will be paid by the host organization to the related institution directly

QIs a certification conferred to a participant after completion?

AYes, one can get a certification, depending on the program he or she is participating in. Please make an inquiry to the relevant institutions.